A Change Is Gonna’ Come

The Nesara/Gesara arrangements ( see  below )almost sounds to good to be true and I still have my doubts that a Trump “God” is going to rescue us all. But years of following the history and actual facts shows the basis of these claims are quite realistic as the current arrangements are based on a number of frauds that are absolutely real. The fractional reserve usury system, the political system, the taxation system, the “legal” system including the birth certificate system are all based on and created by fraud. The political system in particular is all based on an inauthentic authority and fraud at both the State and Federal levels. These are groups that are corporations complete with ABN numbers that identify them as such and thus as being an inauthentic body politic which is a situation not consistent with the provisions of the Constitution of the Commonwealth 1901, which many politicians have ignored and who have to their eternal discredit presumed to continuously pass laws that are at odds with it.
Apart from the lawful intricacies being violated what we find is that the politicians are not worth the oxygen we supply them with, and its not only the Conoronavirus that confirms this view but we can also look to governments preventing farmers from accessing water, snubbing their nose at constitutional provisions that guarantee such supply and also allowing groups like the Red Cross to fraudulently withhold money donated towards the bush fire victim’s benefit.
Our masters have no lawful and no moral authority to order anything in particular lacking the legitimacy and may well find themselves in the aftermath, of the economic devastation that they are responsible for and may well be facing penalties of their own. Then of course they could possibly be charged for restraint of trade and travel restrictions with borders being closed in opposition to the provisions of the constitution. This situation is of course only part of the tale because the firing squad organised to dispose of the treasonous political actors may well be extended into extra lines to cater for the actors from the media who have enthusiastically followed the crowd willingly publicizing falsehoods along with the military actors who have ignored their oaths, along with the policy enforcers guilty of the same offence and the government department workers who falsely believed they are indemnified from observing the lawful and legitimate provisions of the Common Law, along with the inalienable and unalienable rights guaranteed by many local and international laws and signed covenants.

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