A Face of Treason

As election time approaches I’m noticing that the career party politicians are coming out of hibernation to make new rounds of promises and talking up the achievements of their respective, alleged governments. It is clear or should be abundantly so that the major parties are obviously unrepresentative swill to say the least. These people are not in office to represent their constituents as they are required to vote on party lines, no question, this is a tradition where even some of the so called independents like Meddick, Pattern and Ratnam cannot resist the temptation to not vote against the dictatorial, piece of shit, tyrant Daniel Andrews who’s policy implementation has resulted in deaths by suicide as a result of lock downs, and other totally unnecessary measures while small businesses in many communities have suffered economic devastation which logically has presided over many of these suicides.

I really don’t know how they have the audacity to show their faces in public let alone stick their hands up for re-election because they have personally supported all of this community devastation having no sympathy or empathy for the victims of these criminals in government who are now unlawfully coercing the people to accept experimental vaccinations that report after report including Pfizer’s own report, demonstrate that vaccines are maiming and killing people in very large numbers globally, yet this doesn’t stop Libby Coker, Richard Marles, Darren Cheeseman nor any other of the major party government parasites from trying to cement their own incomes for the future by way of deception and fraud, assuming that everyone is just as dumb as they are.

Months ago, I contacted each of the Geelong based politicians by email to ask that given it was common knowledge that deaths were occurring as a direct result of the administration of vaccines why was the program continuing, I received not a single response from any of the politicians I sent it to. But now with an elction due shortly I am receiving brochures in the mail and lo and behold even an email from Richard Marles advising me that slimy, sleazy Albanese and the Labor Party have a cunning plan to deliver us all well paid jobs in the future. Judging from past performance they are absolutely full of shit, they are are lying scum of the earth parasites who apparently support the killing of full term babies while others of their ilk wish to extend that term for up to two years after the actual birth.

Baby killing appears to be acceptable to these murderous moral vacuums, but wait there’s more, we have these bastards running the country down the drain economically, selling off our water to foreign powers, our land and our ports, entering into treaties which hurt our own people to the benefit of foreign countries and corporations and to top it all off they have no legitimate, lawful base to exist at all, let alone enslaving us by way of fraudulent taxes which are the greatest cause of inflation resulting in our money losing its value or buying power as time goes on. But no, we don’t wake the fuck up and realize that we are being screwed full on by these pieces of crap which is only going to get worse as these fuckers hand over our country to a one world government and bring to us the joys of a Great Reset, Digital Currency and Social Credit Systems that can track every single move we make, and you politicians want our vote, well fuck you.

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