A New World Order Perspective

David Icke, as many know is associated with the dot connector series of videos which do a great job of just that, connecting the dots in order to offer a bigger picture on significant world events that on face value seem random and separate until such time as the connections between such events are revealed. When the common denominators are identified we have a far greater understanding and appreciation of the over all state of play of just where the world’s at, which is harder to accomplish in the shorter format of a typical facebook post with the result that often misunderstandings arise normally for one distinct reason, often the facebook visitor is trying to cram the available information into a short time frame and thus misses the delicate nuances contained and so does not avail themselves of the full picture and hence leave uninformed comments before moving on to the next post and repeating the process.

Over recent days I have created two posts that challenge the idea that viruses, are or must be, created and or transmitted by human contact, with a few readers leaving rude and offensive remarks. These posts dare to air the ideas of two qualified medical practitioners, one an MD and one a Nutritionist, who with slightly differing theories together suggest that flu viruses are not transmitted by human contact, for one reason or another, which on the face value of their content sounds feasible. I have not suggested that my personal position agrees necessarily with theirs, but what I do agree with is that whether or not viruses are transmitted by human contact there are other possible means that may transmit copycat symptoms, like 5G as an instance. There are many experienced and qualified people who insist that 5G can produce the symptoms and presumably the results of the coronavirus and of course there are others also qualified, with expertise who challenge those findings. Perhaps the objective truth in relation to both of these issues is both academic and elusive, which is where proof becomes extremely important in order to make wise decisions, especially ones involving life and death.

The important point I have tried to stress and to make is that the devastating shutdown of the world economy in the world’s worst ever recession may well dwarf the death toll of the coronavirus if left to run its own natural course, and may thus present the totally irresponsible, unjustifiable and potentially the greatest criminal action ever undertaken in the history of the world which would seem the case without definitive proof of this virus’ characteristics. There are other possibilities besides human stupidity, which may intimate an indescribable evil, extrapolated out many times over, if the actions taken are the product of incompetence or deliberate intention as is the situation if known to be unnecessary.

Potentially this could be very much the case if the pursuit of the lucrative 5G systems results in a situation where profits are prioritized over the negative health effects it may cause. On the other hand it would seem like a very convenient situation if the coronavirus gets all the credit for the negative health effects because the sale of vaccines would ensure that once again profits are prioritized above human life, a win/win for corporations involved in both industries and which historically speaking appears to be standard practice. This has so often been the case in many arenas, nicotene, asbestos, water fluoridation, vaccines, GMO foods, food additives, work place safety, fractional reserve banking, insurance and government extortion rackets, not to mention trade deals that disadvantage us or the exportation of our industries and our publicly owned resources which are basically not even sold, but in essence given away, profits are the number one priority.

We have for many years witnessed the slow but sure deterioation of our freedoms by corrupted, corporate governments passing unlawful legislation while ignoring both the constitution and the common law, particularly when it applies unfavourably to them. We no longer have a judiciary practicing Common Law but rather a historically abolished system of Star Chamber Administrative tribunals that’s main purposes are to asset strip the citizenry pursuing self enrichment at every turn. Government departments operate under the fraudulent application of commercial contract law where no disclosure is given and their sole purpose is to conduct extortion in order to maximise incoming revenues which disappear into the coffers of foreign corporations along with taxes the minute they are receipted. All of the people’s assets have been unlawfully sold off to private corporations, constituting theft, as the government itself is not de jure and has no right to sell assets or property that doesn’t belong to them. These parasitic scum are picking our bones clean for God’s sake and you still find people stupid enough to rock up on election days to hand out how to vote cards for the party political heroes that in real life, double as their hangmen.

Our laws, our way of life have all deteriorated over many decades and have done so under the hidden management and agendas of a number of global groups that together make up the New World Order. The United Nations was created initially by the banking elites, I am led to believe that for some time it was a symbol of hope and unity for the world, as their function was seen as credible and even handed. They made significant contributions in raising the living standards of workers and in promoting world peace. However it is said that power corrupts, and absolute power, corrupts absolutely and like every other organization that becomes too powerful they are inevitably corrupted, which appears to be the case at the moment with the bad seemingly far outweighing the good, but the potential and elements of evil within this organization has apparently always co existed. Between the Vatican, the Royals, the UN and the Deep State and the Federal Reserve banking systems of most countries, no one knows when one global gang leaves off and the other takes over, but as sure as night follows day these organizations, with the elite money men behind them, have quietly taken over the effective management of politics and life in general, in many countries and most certainly in all of the former Commonwealth countries of the UK.

Over recent decades governments in these countries are demanding more and more taxes of all sorts along with the imposition of new fees,charges, levies and fines while simultaneously reducing benefits and services the taxes ostensibly pay for. These thieves have literally stolen workers retirement allowances that workers funded themselves under a government implemented scheme. What the New World Order is in fact is a totalitarian dictatorship which plans to take over the world and are determined to deal with any pockets of resistance to their power grab by removing the means of challenge from the gullible, while increasing the capacity of their own militarized forces to eliminate complaint. They do not suffer dissidents willingly and to this end have left their calling cards in many exotic locations over many decades including Dallas Texas in 1963 to Washington DC in 2001 to Sandy Hook, to Port Arthur, to Christchurch in New Zealand.

The New World Order’s servants, in Australia at least, are the political class which appears to be infested by two groups, distinguished by a highly disproportionate number of pedophiles and freemasons, which are possibly one and the same. They are also I suspect, the actual “secret societies” referred to as the subject of John F. Kennedy’s famous speech known by that same name. Oddly enough, pedophilia is a characteristic also prolific in catholic circles which perhaps indicates a degree of crossover among many of these groups. Needless to say these groups, whether we refer to the NWO, the Crown, the politicians, the pedophiles and the catholic church are not moral groups and are certainly not in posession of the slightest concern for the people of this or any country, they are totally in the service of self. We are mere cattle in their eyes, and of little apparent value as evidenced at Port Arthur in 1996 where 35 people were sacrificed to help further the New World Order’s agenda. More recently, it appears from a casual look that they want everything, by destroying our economy they take complete control of us, our property, our wealth, our lives, even our children, the powers that be are not and never were partners or friends, they are the masters we the slaves, at least until we alter the arrangements.

How we do that I cannot say although I have private thoughts on the matter, but in the interim I neither have respect for or belief in anything government professes to be or has to say on any matter, they are nothing in my eyes and I reserve my rights under the Common Law and the Constitution to hold and express any opinion that I wish to hold and express and will according to conscience do as I fucking well please.

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