A Weird Justice System

Got reacquainted with a chap I met out on the road a couple of years ago meeting him again oddly enough on the same road last weekend. It really was a case of deja vu because I remember the last time after completing the paperwork he spent some extra time talking about recent accidents and his concerns for people’s safety, not that I was driving dangerously or anything like that. This was the case last weekend, I was possibly over the arbitrary limit set for that section of the road and once again after completing the paperwork he wanted to explain himself pointing out that there were a number of driveways nearby and that he was duty bound to enforce this 60 speed limit. I dont know how many times he has been up and down this road but he obviously has never noticed that on the northern side of the railway line closer to Bannockburn the speed limit is 80 Klms an hour and that stretch has virtually no driveways being the stretch that allegedly I was booked on two or more years ago but on the southern side of the railway line the speed limit changes to 100 klms an hour and there is any number of driveways coming off that section. This got me thinking that he’s apparent concern for “people’s safety” is much like the government’s concern for our safety with this alleged virus but the exercise had really had nothing to do with safety, it was about him justifying his actions in a vain attempt to absolve his own conscience because he full well knows that his alleged “job” consists of driving around all day searching for people to extort to please his masters. All pretty simple really, set up an arbitrary limit and catch people exceeding it, doesn’t matter if there’s no victim or not likely to be one, just like shooting fish in a barrel really. And there you have it, a foolproof business model, a fully mobile, self sufficient vehicle of extortion, but this is how parasites like this gentleman and those in government make a living, employing bullying, fraud and theft to top up the revenue and they have the absolute affront to tell us its for our own good.

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