Brett Sutton

Brett Sutton along with Daniel Andrews appear to consider the people to actually be absolute imbeciles, based on the sort of the far fetched crap they feed out to us all, in the obvious expectation that everyone readily swallows all of the pathetically weak narratives they spin, which of course, many of the gullible do. However, the reality of their expectations reveal them to be stupid ones. A day or two ago Dan Andrews announced that everyone, including the judiciary, would, by government mandate be required to be jabbed along with the police by 15th of October. Now it seems that Dan made a mistake by apparently overlooking some constitutional provisions that Brett Sutton corrected him on, but predictably Sutton stopped short of revealing what these constitutional issues were, and how they only had relevance to the judiciary and maybe even police who were also covered under these mysterious provisions, maybe. It was not obviously Section 51 xxiiiA because that would exempt everyone but Brett is very selective on evidence, often not relying on or revealing any. For any thinking person Brett Sutton and of course Daniel Andrews reveal themselves to be liars and frauds who by there own responses are too stupid to come up with much better and believable stories. It no doubt became apparent that if the agenda was to succeed then it was a little early for these two groups to be thrown to the wolves so prematurely, but the hands were revealed and they will be eventually but perhaps a little later than sooner, and no doubt the same fate awaits this pair of dumb bastards as soon as they have outlived their usefulness to the Klaus Schwabs of this world.

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