Constitution of the Commonwealth 1901

Our true Australian Flag

Currently and going back to the early 1900’s our Australia is and has been under the military occupation and administration of a privately owned foreign corporation registered in Washington D.C. Most Australians are unaware of the facts, as are most Americans and most Britons, all who, along with Australians proudly identity as citizens of their own country unaware that the democracies that they were born, bred and grew up under are shambolic to say the very least. The flag that most Australian’s identify with, the Blue Ensign is actually a Maritime Flag, the property of the corporation impersonating our authentic de jure government that operated as per the provisions as laid out in the Constitution of the Commonwealth 1901 and represented by the Red Ensign as pictured above, being a land based flag and operating under a land based system of law being the Common Law of England.

Our False Flags

Above on the left we see the false flag of Australia while on the right we see the flag of the United Nations, the organization that among other global concerns, like the International Monetary Fund are the Officers in Effective Control of our country. By means of the mysterious workings of Reserve Banks, this absolute minority appear to control humanity and dictate at their leisure, the life experience and destinies of more or less everyone on the planet, which for many sojourning here, is a very unpleasant experience, to say the very least. In Australia these unelected dictators control much more than Australian’s are generally aware of, and their policy excesses seem to be much more apparent in Australia, where the palate for radical change has become the testing ground, before new policy initiatives are foisted upon the rest of the world.

Although the United Nations indulges itself in incessant value signalling on issues like racial discrimination which conveniently allows it to silence critics of immigration in various countries. They provide solutions to gender equality even increasing the number of genders for people of fairly tender ages to select from, while the anti bullying programs can be relied upon to provide a constant source of new candidates. There are issues of sustainability which segways into the theory of climate change where  growing support will eventually translate into more power for these global “leaders” to provide the solutions to problems which don’t necessarily exist. Anyone for forced vaccinations or fluoride in your water? The commitment to worker’s rights and workplace safety appear to have become divergent goals with stricter controls over employers occurring simultaneously in concert with diminishing earnings and reductions in workplace conditions. We have the growing campaign for gun control also occurring simultaneously while police forces are becoming more heavily armed and are becoming more militarized by the day with combat fatigues becoming the latest fashion statement.

Politicians, along with their global partners have together conspired to enter such arrangements as the Lima Agreement which has directly caused the demise of manufacturing, the major driver of the nation’s wealth by far. With a global remit in mind these people have reduced our system of justice to a mechanism designed to enable asset stripping by means of unlawful and corrupt judges given free reign to use the system for self and state enrichment. In this system of justice people are booked for exceeding arbitrary limits and then penalized on the strength of an accusation without any alleged offence being tested in a court of competent jurisdiction where proof of guilt might be required, meaning police have become judge , jury and executioner in one convenient, economical package. 

These departures from sensible and equitable arrangements could hardly be attributed to pure socialism that seeks to look after people, but rather is unmistakably a product of the totalitarian and authoritarian state we have come to gradually accept as a de jure government. Of course it is not, it is a criminal gang run by a cartel of the banking elite. The historic basis of the appeal of socialism and communism has always been principally based around the idea of a communal approach to the sharing of resources and wealth offering in theory the assurance of a safe and secure existence, but as Orwell’s classic book “Animal Farm” depicts, it doesn’t necessarily work that way, human nature is not constituted to look after others as a priority. It is and always has been a case of people looking after number one before others are considered and in some of these powerful regimes of the past it was clearly a matter of, if they were considered at all. This is the very reason that Freemasonry has had such widespread appeal as it has always been known that being a Freemason was a ticket to rapid promotion regardless of whether one was particularly good at ones craft.

In such circumstances the machine invariably becomes far more important than the people it was ostensibly created to serve, resulting in a system that cannot avoid degenerating into authoritarianism and totalitarianism, where the rights of individuals are sacrificed for the imagined benefit of the many. However what lots of people don’t consider is that the many are made up of individuals and if the rights of the individual are not upheld by a powerful system of law, then the whole society is at threat of total disintegration, and the wall comes tumblin’ down.

Most believe that politics is a contest between the left and the right without ever realizing that there is only one player in the game, a player that supports both illusions. The so called left blame the so called right for the excesses of corporations who privatize the profits while socializing the costs and of course greedy corporations are guilty as charged on many occasions, sweat shops are run by large corporations who just don’t give a shit about people. Totalitarianism and dictatorship are the end products of democratic governments regardless of whether policy emanates from the left or the right, but ironically, it is often far more pronounced on the left as history demonstrates. As we know arrogance is a trait not necessarily absent in right wing organizations. The lesson to be learned is, never vote for a politician.

Synonymous with flags are questions of allegiance, as seen the Red Ensign is largely regarded by many as the original flag representing the Australian landmass, the Blue Ensign as mentioned earlier is a Maritime Flag and is associated with the sea and it is the flag that probably most Australians currently identify with. Where a real problem has arisen over the decades is that many claiming to represent the Commonwealth of Australia’s 1901 Constitution regardless of flag, have reneged on the allegiances that they swore under oath to maintain, and by virtue of dishonoring their oath, have in essence disqualified themselves from holding office, as it is the central requirement of the position. It is fairly simple, if politicians have sworn allegiance to a monarch under oath as per the requirements of the Constitution and publicly support a call for a republic, one need not be Einstein to realize that these people are operating in treason. It is Ok to support a republic, but not when you have sworn an oath to be loyal to Queen and Country. If these people want to support a republic in Australia, the very first step is to resign as a parliamentary member and pursue that singular goal as a person, whom has then not compromised themselves, by sitting in the parliament of Australia under a professed allegiance they they do not possess.

It is no secret that not only are politicians calling for a republic while in an office that forbids such an act, they have been actively undermining the Constitution of the Commonwealth and drawing generous remuneration for doing so. The administrations of both Whitlam and Hawke by virtue of entering agreements and legislating unlawful acts in defiance of the will of the people, plainly expressed in a number of referendums, have by their actions, including the denial of their oaths of office, and the denial of their sworn allegiance, have deliberately committed treason, offering the control of our sovereignty to unelected world bodies for reasons unknown, but one would presume the promise of a brighter future, for them at least.

Much debate exists arguing the merits of “remaining” under the Monarchy of England or alternately become a republic. Our treasonous politicians, many of which want to steer us all toward a pretend republic which for all intent and purposes, would hardly an independent given the treasonous globalists supporting the move. We have been for some years now under the unofficial governance of the United Nations and associated global associations. The thought however of an official republic is quite frightening as the protections of the Constitution of the Commonwealth 1901 would not continue, which of course is the idea. Politicians would no longer fear having their necks stretched and could continue to remove any remaining rights we have left. There is no doubt that we are all much better off under the Constitution of the Commonwealth 1901 continuing, not that I am particularly fond of the Queen and have no personal allegiance to her nor any King whether they operate under English or Australian rule, and I think most of the people have the same attitude. It is the protections offered by the Constitution which are the first and foremost of most people, not that it is perfect and while the republican model doesn’t excite either particularly with the current crop of globalist leaning criminals in charge. It may be under different circumstances the best option Governments in the long term  but in the meantime we, the Australian should unite as one together under the Constitution of the Commonwealth 1901 because at the moment we are being robbed blind and our rights are being undermined. We don’t need to be fighting over crowns, flags and lines of authority at the moment, these issues can be tackled later, lets get rid of these criminal grubs in any which way we can.


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