Employee’s and Employer’s Liability

As an employee working for a boss there are certain things you should thoroughly comprehend. Consideration of one’s medical qualifications when issuing directives is an issue that should be understood at the outset regardless of the position held in an enterprize. An employee may actually be a “boss” in the corporate organisational chart although the owner of a business, is, as expected, the actual “boss”. However, boss or just retail assistant, every living man or woman has rights and every living man and woman has responsibilities in regard to their relationship with their fellow men and women, the principal of which, in the realm of Common Law, is referred to as Do No Harm which is actually the Rule of Law.

Under the Rule of Law every living man or woman whether they be operating in public or private capacities, has a Duty of Care to every other sentient, living man or woman to avoid causing loss or harm, thus the expression “do unto others as you would have done unto you” regulates much of human behaviour for many morally aware people.

As an employee, a problen arises if you are being directed by your boss or employer to violate the human rights, and thus the rule of law, of other sentient beings. If you are required to enforce the wearing of masks or are demanding that people provide proof of their vaccination status to receive service or admission, you could be committing serious violations of the Nuremberg Code and various other human rights conventions, common laws and the Constitution of the Commonwealth 1901. The Government, understandably baulk at implementing these unlawful measures themselves when they can alternately pressure businesses to virtually enforce them on their behalf, effectively transferring their own liability to that of employers and employees whom they have managed to intimidate to carry out their unlawful requirements.

Make no mistake, both employees and employers who implement unlawful covid measures are subject to private prosecution in their private and personal capacities for violating laws, conventions and constitutions while those that are smart they will anticipate correctly that the government will not provide them with any indemnity, they only do that for the large corporations that have bought them and that they actually are obligated to serve bet even in those situations indemnity cannot override the Common Law’s basis, the Rule of Law.

Employers, in particular are in an extremely vulnerable position, not only could they be potentially liable for adverse actions for both violations of human rights but also in physical damages whereby their “policies” have caused harm or injury to customers and employees alike while employees enforcing medical experiments in relation to the wearing of masks or insisting on proof of vaccination have essentially been exposed by employers in a lawful sense to actions, and may well unwittingly, be guilty of partaking in a government initiated genocide.

Be careful whom you side with on these issues, you may be committing war crimes, and as we know “just following orders” doesn’t cut the mustard in avoiding personal liability or responsibility because ultimately everyone is personally liable for their own actions when dealing with their fellow travellers on this earth, regardless of trying to claim innocence for just doing as the boss says.

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