Incredibly Stupid People

Exactly what is to be gained from this situation?

Nothing at all, not for the police or a legitimate government, only a big fat zero return for everyone concerned, especially the woman, while this Cop’s image would be emblazoned on the mind of thousands of people who would love to return the favour, and one day may be fortunate to see the bastard hang along with many of his comrades and their political masters.

What we have here is a psyop which fits perfectly with making the people afraid to resist and when we have a depopulation agenda happening some level of resistance is going to occur. Anyone who doesn’t think a depopulation agenda is not under way is ignorant of a few facts, the Georgia Guidestones, the population estimates for 2025 and the fact that the so called “vaccine” is killing and maiming people by the hundreds of thousands while people like this halfwit and those politicians driving the entire shit show, labour under the presumption that their efforts that will be appreciated and rewarded while the probable outcome will be that they will be dealt with in a similar way to everyone else when they have outlived their usefulness, there is no honour among genocidal maniacs to be sure.

The people who are actually giving politicians their orders are not those that possess the human traits of loyalty, fairness and appreciation. They are souless, greedy parasites who are now, and will continue, to murder innocent people including babies for profit and even the people who are serving their interests now. They are wanting to inject everyone, including the police and especially the dumb as dogshit politicians who are doing their bidding in good time.

According to law and to oaths of office a police man or woman’s job is to uphold the law and uphold the right, consistent with their motto and their oaths of office. They are under no obligation to enforce the psychopathic thought bubbles of the Sutton’s and Hazzard’s of this world, which also applies to Andrews, Morrison and all of the other Premiers, all of them suffering the same delusions of grandeur. Every single one of them a sandwich short of a picnic and all of them with zero authority unless you consent to their bullshit, which everyone who complies with the idiotic rules, in effect does.

We as a people need to strongly¬† resist and hope that the Cops and the Army people realize that they are only contributing to the deaths, to the totalitarian abuse of the people and the resultant destruction and takeover of their own country while also making a direct and personal contribution to the demise of our, and their own children’s futures.

Its not only the invisible elites, the Politicians and the Police that have created this situation, but its the mind numbing stupidity of the rest of the community that has maintained this self destructive idiocy that is part and parcel of the balance of  team Australia where business people want to either sidle up to government or attempt to avoid their displeasure, either way its to attract favour from government for their business operations. One would think that customers would be of critical importance in the continual growth of their businesses and executives would need to be absolute incompetents to think business is going to benefit if the elites manage to kill off 90% off their customers.

This includes you Mr Bunnings, Mr Coles, Mr Woolworths, Mr Office Works and indeed the Australian Football League who have been in the Elites pockets for decades now. Then there is the general community, the public. These people have been so dumbed down by the so called “education” system and the media, which has unknowingly to the stupid, has been very successful in spreading the ignorance, to the point where the stupid mistake memory for critical thinking, and when in doubt relies on the former rather than the latter. The latter being their own unexercised rational thinking processes to inform themselves. These people who basically know nothing at all, ironically think they know so much more than those educated individuals trying to inform them with the actual evidence, these unfortunate dimwits usually respond by ridiculing their educators, the mind blowing stupidity of those that willfully choose to retain their own ignorance is staggering.

The smart money on the other hand, although not admitting to it, know that the whole covid plandemic thing is the biggest load of bullshit that has ever been created and you can tell this is true by simple observation. You don’t see news television presenters or sports stars trembling with terror at the prospect of being contaminated, everyone’s just playing the Covid 19 game to keep the money flowing, but this utopia looks like it might dry up because sustained growth is not possible when the population shrinks or is otherwise unemployed. It will be at the point of collapse when football coaches who currently enjoy “masking in glory” as fraudulent role models for the dumb fans who “look up” to them, might be tempted to more honestly dispose of the masks in the coaches box. This fraudulent pandemic will take many people down, in particular the people who at this point think they are the beneficiaries, and play along with the game that their roles require of them. Its like a property bubble and when it bursts as it ultimately must, it will no doubt blow up in the faces of the parasites who now play along with the game of outrageous stupidity.

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