Is Inauthentic Authority Stealing Your Life?

There is no shortage of occupations that are open to people to choose from whatever the interests and motivations that combine to make up a human being. Some people have a particular interest in serving others, in quite a wide variety of formats, while there are others who have a particular interest in having others serve them, in short we have the givers and the takers with a certain degree of crossover in terms of motivation, even those with a servant’s heart will mainly seek a reasonable income to finance their existence, a reasonable position contrasted with the parasites who’s general focus is on trapping as much temporal wealth for themselves as humanely possible without having a lot of regard for the way they come by it or what value they give in return. Nor do they exhibit any concern about the welfare of other people, its all about looking after number one, regardless of the fact that its all temporary and perhaps more importantly somewhat illusory.

Most people would agree I suspect, with rare exceptions, that politicians would generally fall into the latter group of takers and it is difficult to arrive at an alternate conclusion. M.P.’s remuneration more than doubles and in some cases triples, that of higher skilled, intelligent and capable practitioners, in any number of professions, performing jobs with high levels of skill and accepting the accountability and responsibilities such roles imply and which are reflected in their professional attitudes commensurate to the demands of their professional standards. Politicians, and the words accountable, responsible and professional are not typically associated in polite conversation that often, as we find that by some random quirk of nature such qualities of moral virtue rarely arise in a politicians mental kit bag, and just as many associated questions of moral behaviour escape their slightest interest or attention in any context. One of the questions, which appears to have no answer is, from what source do they draw any form of authority at all from? what special qualities qualify them to practice such authority over others? Do they have a monopoly on decency? Are our politicians wiser than other professional people? are they morally or spiritually superior? Are they particularly concerned with matters of justice prevailing? Are they better informed? Do voters always make wise decisions? Are their advisors objectively free from any preexisting political or agenda driven bias? What is it about politicians that make their decisions superior to and thus to be observed by all others? How is it that other people obey their dictates if not solely through a combination of ignorance, indoctrination and force.

Another question worth asking is why should anyone believe that politicians have any genuine authority over people in any circumstance, apart from the provisions of the Common Law that applies equally to everyone and is based on the precept of do no harm. Without the expressed consent of a man or woman to submit to any authority no one person can legitimately excercise authority over another human being. Only the process of actually causing harm to others is liable for an intervention by another party which is both reasonable and lawful. Causing harm is sadly and ironically, what governments do most of the time and there are many victims to testify to the fact. Any Statutes created by Governments, that purport to allow them or their agents to issue penalties, which applies to the Police, the ATO, bodies like Fines Victoria, Sper and Vicroads are invalid if issued to a sentient man or woman, without their informed consent. These are corporations possessing ABN’s and operate commercially under the force of the Uniform Commercial Code whereby all business is conducted under contract, and all of these bodies are fully aware that everything is subject to contract, and that valid contracts rely on being entered into under the terms of full disclosure and freely given consent. This is where government and their agents provide proof of their own criminality and that of the judicial system, by merit of their willingness to enter into the realms of fraud and theft and in a quite “reckless” manner to utilize one of the ATO’s most favoured adjectives.

Regardless of how the word sovereign is used, as an adjective or a noun, or not used at all, has no bearing on the authority of a member of the government or the police nor any other agency, and offers no qualification for them to exercise any authority over the people. We The People created the government and those associated agencies, and thus, its we the people who hold any credible or genuinely authentic authority over them, the created servants, not the other way around, and they know full well this is the case. This is why they do not communicate or address us, or otherwise make demands for payment or performance, under the name of the sentient being John Henry Doe, all is addressed to JOHN HENRY DOE which is a corporate entity that no one in the education system bothered to tell us about or inform us that we were being conscripted into, under the birth certificate, a system of fraud. Where there is no awareness there is no consent and obviously no disclosure which means that our masters are guilty of criminal fraud and treason against the people literally robbing us of our birthright and relying on ignorance and deceit, to literally steal our lives by means of enslavement, which really is the goal of governments the world over, total control.

While our laws reveal there is no legitimate official compact between the people and the government there is no social compact either, no abuse of power or law is permissable under any circumstances. Everything that has been achieved thus far has been achieved by presumption and stealth and this is largely because of the psychological elements present in a personality drawn to such positions of apparent power and influence. The disturbing aspect is that these people seem unaware of the limitations of their own intelligence and importance let alone being aware of any limitations that either the legitimate system, or common decency and concern for others might place upon their actions, they believe that neither the laws or morality apply to them and thus are free to do as they please.

If our corporate masters do not have any authority over the people, how much less does the United Nations possess. Our masters cannot grant authority to the United Nations to do anything, largely because they don’t have any legitimate authority themselves. Yet here they are opening up offices in every state of Australia without even bothering to entertain the idea or tedium of submitting to the farce of an election. I don’t think, considering the devastation caused by the Coronavirus and the over reaction that’s happening as a response on the world stage, or the devastation caused by the global financial crises, or indeed by associated entities leaving their calling cards in scenic locations like Port Arthur over the years, that there’s any appetite for the one world solutions they offer, regardless of the fact that governments clearly cooperate with all UN initiatives, no matter how destructive or distasteful they might be. I have one question, given the United Nations is an unelected group, from which source does it purport to draw, hold or exercise any authority over the sovereign peoples of this or any other country?

There is no way around the responsibilty of We The People, to forcefully impose limitations when it becomes necessary, no one else is going to. If politicians continue to grossly overstep the boundaries we permit, then no doubt, We The People will step up to the mark and take the necessary actions to stop these bastards, in one way or another, we don’t have a choice in the matter if we are to insure a future for our kids and theirs. As John F. Kennedy once said “if not us, who? If not now, when.” To turn our backs on our country is to turn our backs on what we love most dearly in life. It really is a matter of reaching a critical mass of an understanding and an awareness of what’s actually going on, being reached and I’m betting the shit will well and truly hit the fan fuelled by pent up anger once it happens. This may not be a pretty sight for politicians in particular, and if it starts to get ugly it may not be easy to stop the nastiness because there is some serious frustrations in Australia at the moment and French style protests don’t seem to be adequately addressing them.

Of course the end game is approaching and the elites are themselves aware that awareness is growing and if domination isn’t achieved soon it may never be, and they may well expreience the same fate of the Russian Tzars or the French Aristocracy of years gone by.

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