Nuremberg Style Liability

The real significance of this post particularly in the times we are living in, is not really learning how to deal with policy enforcers to get out of a fine or avoid taxes or whatever it is that’s going on. The real story is that so many people who work for government, whether as a police officer, military officers, Vicroad officers, or an ATO tax officer, or even local council people, is the fact that many of these employees have not been adequately trained by government to┬áhave an understanding of the law and because of this are unwittingly breaking laws themselves and leaving themselves liable for severe financial penalties and jail terms. They can potentially be responsible for suicides perhaps in some circumstances that may spontaneously arise and find themselves guilty of committing treason and murder in extreme cases while any amount of frauds and police over step are committed on a daily basis. These results can be caused in the first instance purely because of ignorance and not adequately exercising balanced judgement, a situation which repeats because the government tends to encourage such behaviour in order to continue with its extortion knowing that the front line troops face the most risk and will ultimately suffer most. They certainly and actively encourage employees to break the law, to exceed their power and over step their lawful limits of authority because they are the ones bringing the revenue in, knowing it will be the officer who more than likely suffers the most for committing such excesses, which naturally the government won’t ever caution them about.

The other side of the coin is that every time an officer violates their own conscience there is a gradual and perhaps unnoticeable build up of guilt which may eventually lead to mental illnesses like anxiety, depression and even PTSD. There is a price and certainly regret and broken relationships can be the result from a generally unhappy and unrewarding existence. Then of course there are the types who have little conscience and are not overly endowed with sympathy or empathy for others knowing only to look after number one, this creature is the human parasite who ultimately get the Karma they dish up.

But no matter what side of the fence an officer is on, don’t ever make the mistake of assuming that the government you work for cares one whit about you. Look around to see how returned veterans of the military are treated along with police and ambulance drivers who suffer from PTSD and always be aware that government will have no hesitation in sacrificing the odd soldier just as they did in the psyop event in Port Arthur where four Asio agents meet their fate with a fellow by the name of Anthony Nightingale being the very first person shot through the head, an Asio agent from all reports.

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