Pearly Gates Vaccines

One need not be a rocket scientist to understand that if Bill Gates estimates that 10% to 15% of the world’s population can be reduced by the use of vaccines then it would seem logical indeed self evident that his “Pearly Gates” vaccines aren’t designed to improve health outcomes, they are designed to kill. We are talking a hell of a lot of people here and really it would probably cheaper to have gangs of goons, with indemnities in place of course, just running around shooting people. However Bill, always the entreprenuer, has woken up to a way of killing people which is far more profitable and not quite as messy.
When you are trying to get governments on board you need to be both subtle and tasteful in the ways you go about committing genocides in heaps of different countries, not to mention all the side effects like half a million suffering paralyses in one country alone. What a superb role model Bill Gates is to people everywhere, up there with Stalin, Pol Pot and Hitler and its little wonder that our wise old leader Scott Morrison is so keen to avail himself and us, the Australian people of this wonderful opportunity to take advantage of Bill’s selfless service to humanity.

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