The fraud of Investigative Journalism

The Geelong Advertiser, as has been the case in recent decades, appears guilty of removing the word investigative from the phrase Investigative Journalism when it makes the allegation that “locals owe more than $50m in fines” without providing any evidence to back the allegation. If it was any of their actual business then perhaps in the interests of clarity perhaps the statement could be made more accurate by stating the headline in another way: Authorities claim, that locals owe more than $50m because otherwise the Geelong Advertiser are actually making the claim and have done so without the necessary evidence and that’s how it is in law, he who makes the claim must provide the material evidence to prove his claim.

This is not as easy as it seems, particularly when the evidence does not exist. As to my knowledge the CEO of the City of Greater Geelong has been asked to produce the evidence that the council has any basis in law to demand that rates be paid, or have any authority to levy fines for parking or any other matter, in which case all such demands, without the evidence being produced are fraudulent, Ab Initio from the beginning, the reason being is that governments are for profit corporations with no more right to penalize people or order them around than the manager of a local M’cDonald’s hamburger store unless there is an agreement in place evidenced by a wet ink contract. The same goes for the cops, the ATO and any other gang of  extortionists operated by the alleged government. Its all a massive con.

As far as I’m aware everyone from the Prime Minister to the Premier to the Commissioner of the ATO the Police Commissioner have had this challenge of authority put to them in the form of an Affidavit and have received no reply. This extends to the CEO of the City of Greater Geelong and all of its Councilors who have all failed to rebut the Affidavit which as a consequence has become both the truth and the judgement in law and commerce, so by means of acquiescence all of these alleged government officials by failing to rebut have all agreed that they are operating in fraud and have continued to do so over the decades with the assistance of a media who refuse to ask the probing question and thereby simply deceive the people who buy their bullshit in any form. 

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