The Lock Down We Had To Have

This so called lock down and the management of it is going to result in the death, destruction and the widespread misery of generations of Australians tasked with repaying debt that was quite unnecessary to borrow. These fuck head traitors, liars and parasites have deliberately plunged Australia into an economic armageddon by insisting on taking measures for a disease which arguably doesn’t exist, is grossly over stated on in terms of physical effects if it does, has been greatly manipulated in terms of the number of people its effected while the ways in which its spread which depends on social distancing in assumed, not proven, in which case the measures undertaken have been quite unecessary.
Lets be clear, these are deceptive and aggressively war like actions that these lying fuckers have taken against the people and they deserve a swift response that is commensurate to their deliberately cruel and unjustified treachery. But their unaccountability and totalitarian approach has been evident for decades prior if any one bothered to take notice. The application of the Fabian approach of gradual change has been effective, leaving Australians to meditate the real meaning of the frog in the slowly boiling pot analogy.
Their actions are all premised on the bullshit of ” saving lives” but of course this is only the lying justification of the incredibly reckless betrayal of the Australian people which is borne out by the fact that suicides were out pacing the number of exaggerated deaths attributed to Covid 19 but even before this Con arose government policies of the various agencies dishing out fines or pressure applied by the ATO have been producing suicides on a regular basis however this is not a concern for the likes of Leigh Sales or Tracey Grimshaw to their everlasting shame.
We all know at some level the entire narrative is built on deceit and lies to promote agendas that are very obviously not in the interests of the great majority of the people.

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