The Presstitutes

We certainly are living through a very dangerous period in human history which most certainly threatens future generations but it is not the hoax of Con-a-virus that is dangerous. What really threatens us is a curious mix of plain old stupidity, gullibility, media programming and the ignorance such programming produces. Then we need to throw in a generous serving of cognitive dissonance and the decided preference for many people to hang on to the preferred model of the world because of the fear of facing what is staring them in the face, truth and the uncomfortable reality it presents.

We have been lulled into a false sense of security with too many listening to news media and current affairs media commentators who are nothing shy of spin doctors, there to conform the public rather than inform it. Currently there are no dissenting voices in the media alerting us to the educated opinions of highly credentialed medical specialists who have revealed the fraudulent hoax that is the con-a-virus pandemic. The ladies pictured below don’t inform us that the vaccines the politicians are trying to force on us have not undergone testing for the last thirty years, after government bowed to big pharma by indemnifying them and forcing the taxpayers to foot the bill against any claims. All too little focus on the question of compulsory vaccinations and the complete stripping away of our right to freely choose, without duress of any description, no interest in reporting on that bit of trivia apparently.

There is no investigative journalism reporting on the fact that 5G technology has not undergone any safety testing either. They don’t report that the alleged government is a corporation registered in the United States or that Whitlam gave away our sovereignty in 1973, They haven’t seen fit to advise anyone that the police (currently forming a state) is also a corporation registered in the USA and actually have no valid authority to demand anything of anyone but rather use stealth in contract law to extort the people. Leigh Sales and Tracey Grimshaw are happy to wax all day long about how to “save lives” promoting the government’s alleged measures to deal with the hoax but not a word is spoken about the suicides caused by the lock down and the purposeful destruction of the economy and the Australian way of life. They haven’t brought the attention of the Australian public that Local Councils are unconstitutional or the fact that the ATO does not actually exist and thus we are being extorted by them also.

They don’t spend a lot of time discussing the sell out of Australian land and infrastructure to anyone at all, how governments have money to give away overseas, a treasonous act when our own people are not provided for, especially bush fire victims that have essentially been looted by charities. Not a lot of time is wasted either on the issue of farmers being deprived of water to grow our food because of the commercial considerations. Then of course the big one for many is the fact that Senator Bill Heffernan alerted the parliament and Australians about the problem of pedophilia and not only were perpetrators not pursued but suppression orders were issued to protect them indicative of an actual conspiracy which of course was the same course adopted by our illustrious leaders in the case of Port Arthur. The pathetic interviews conducted by both Mike Willesee and Ray Martin in relation to Port Arthur were a whitewash while the real evidence revealing that Bryant was a patsy has never been reported on with any dissenters quickly branded as “conspiracy theorists”

Come to think of it the Australian main stream media tells us nothing of significant importance with most presentations designed to deceive viewers and listeners which is why I don’t watch them anymore, I don’t wish to spend valuable time listening or watching people with S.F.A. to say. In summary they can only be full of shit because they are pieces of the same stuff.

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