Waltzing The Matilda’s

I am reminded of Australia’s Americas Cup win in 1983 which quickly drew the incumbent Prime Minister to suddenly descend upon Perth in a fit of unbridled patriotic and celebratory enthusiasm, the purpose of which, in my view, was to persuade the Australian people that our leader had always the best interests of Australia and its people as he’s highest heartfelt priority or at least give that impression to the people, while he was actuality shafting Australians in a number of ways. Of course this is a bargain basement profile builder opportunity that is exceedingly cheap only costing a short period of excited public role playing, while the undermining of society continued on in secrecy behind the scenes at the hands of Hawke, his globalist handlers  his treasonous fellow cronies. 

Now its Albanese’s turn to capitalize on the success of the Matilda’s sporting success with his display of enthusiasm to take full advantage of waltzing the Matilda’s and the photo opportunities the waltz presents, in turn to enhancing the chances of the Jolly Swagman’s aim, to ultimately get the Jumbuck in his Tuckerbag meaning the Voice into His Parliament via the cheap lifting of his personal profile by way of such association with the Matildas, promoting him personally and ultimately the “voice to Canberra” along other hidden and unpopular initiatives in his Tuckerbag of treason that will certainly result in a diminished Australia in terms of freedom, prosperity, food production and even the longevity of the people under this Matilda admiring, smiling assassin. As usual with politicians, its all to do with their stock and trade strategy that deals in perceptions as opposed to actual realities and facts.

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