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The inference is, that by engaging so called “independent” fact checkers, platforms like Youtube and Facebook can avoid losing credibility for directly applying excessive or a biased form of censorship in order to either support certain agendas or on the other hand minimise the effect of criticism of controversial and unpopular campaigns, programs, political actors and the corporations they act for. All this under the guise of “upholding community standards.” But there are a few problems here when you think about it, one being that independent consultants are rarely independent and objective, their views have a persistent habit of aligning with the people who hire them rather than expressing objective opinions that are in opposition to the organization doing the funding.

Secondly, we are to be assured that this is not actually the case, because both the fact checking company and in this case facebook have an “ethical standards” document duly executed by both parties. This proposition presumes to assure us all that the highest of “ethical” standards will be observed, but this in turn, relies completely on the shallow assumption that either or both organisations are actually ethical to start with. I have every reason to suspect that such an assumption in the absence of testament to its truth is utterly baseless, and have no reason to believe it to be anything other than a product of completely unsupported hypotheses driving sheer insinuation.

This opinion is based on the following observations of the fact checker’s operation. They purport to adjudicate between fact and fiction yet do not display their credentials to perform anything of value at all, or in the particular case in mind, medical qualifications that support the opinions they offer and which can do severe damage to the reputations of the people whom they contradict. Neither do they necessarily show a justifiable reason for the mindless and irresponsible act of tainting posts by means of casting baseless aspersions on the facts therein, in order that unsuspecting readers will treat them with suspician or discount them altogether. This position allows them to sneakily call someone a liar without having to face any consequences for their slander. It seems to me that they act under arrogant presumption only, presenting themselves as an authority, much like government does, without having to deal with the inconvenience of demonstrating or proving it, once again mirroring the sheer arrogance of our illustrious leaders who insist on providing solutions to the very problems they create, an example of which is the impact of the Con arona virus on the people. These people are not to be relied on in protecting people from lies but in many instances can be relied upon to shield them from the truth which ironically is generally offered by the people writing or creating the posts. Not that all of them are without error necessarily, however it should reasonably be assumed that a free and reasonably intelligent reader can sort the fly shit from the pepper by themselves without the help of the so called professional fact checker.

The fact checking industry, it should be noted mainly operates on social platforms and given the fact that we don’t see the industry dealing with the lies on television programs perpetrated by media personalities and contained in political statements or policies, we should be wary. Like parliamentary privelege their lies remain largely unchallenged and are permitted to be freely peddled, a privelege clearly not extended to the people whose opinions are to be restricted and regulated. Thus we can be assured that the system is not actually interested in getting to the truth but rather obscuring it, for they are just another part of the system that’s designed to deceive the people, perpetuate illusions and spin, enabling corruption to continue on its merry way.

If indeed fact checkers were alloted time to track the actual and objective truth in the mainstream media and political organizations they would really have their work cut out for them, dealing with an absolute deluge of lies to the extent that the industry’s turnover and workload would increase a hundredfold at the very least. The situation becomes leveraged to an incredibly incomprehensible degree when the liars begin to call their opponents liars which completes an understanding that truth is indeed a scarce commodity in both mainstream media and political circles the climatic example of which is perhaps Bill Clinton declaring “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” this is up there in status with “the cheque’s in the mail” as most repeated lies in the history of the planet.

Because the entire system runs exclusively on perception and illusion or in other words bullshit, indeed on anything but the truth, much confusion is created. Thus division results, as people are misled on a whole range of issues and believe in different things at different levels. The deeper the programming that installs those beliefs the deeper the chasm and division between people whereas if only truth was promulgated, there is harmony and understanding but of course this doesn’t provide an avenue for the avaricious to take advantage of everyone else through the spread of lies and deception. In this world if truth is not valued, then division, mayhem and murder result with the entire cycle being initiated by the greedy political and corporate boys who cry wolf, in order to claim the prize. Unfortunately given the short time alloted to us in the scheme of things the prize sure enough appears but then disappears all in the blink of an eye and thus the prize is the ultimate illusion, no one owns any thing permanently, except perhaps their substance, which lives on in the memory of others, just as that of JFK. a persisting memory. This insane scramble for possessions above all else thus reveals the psychopathic, the narcisstic and the generally unstable status of the ego driven state of human unconciousness, possessed by many of our leaders.

As a species we can do without unnecessary division between people but this happy circumstance cannot be forced upon people by global entities or government, it must be voluntary and must be a product of understanding or more precisely, a discernment and understanding of truth. Unfortunately many of our religious leaders act like fact checkers and lead us in the opposite direction. Personally I cannot say whether a god exists or not but what I can say is that if he does exist it would be absolutely pointless and of course plainly stupid to oppose him, and while he may exist, pinning down which is his preferred religion and congregation is somewhat of a difficult task depite all of the claims made.

As Stephen Roberts is quoted “I contend we are both Atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.” This quote is not to dismiss believers, neither is it the aim of this article to dismiss believers, but merely to point out that in a way, we are all unbelievers, so why allow ourselves to be divided by religion? Christians for instance do not believe in Muhammed as the final messenger, Jehovah’s Witnesses do not place much store in the Catholic Church nor in Hinduism etc. etc. so what we all have in common without exception is that there are particular beliefs that not all people subscribe to regardless of how devout one is in what one does believe in. We can go around in circles regarding faith, but if we are less dogmatic about who is right and who is wrong then obviously we are less able to be divided, and divided against ourselves ultimately. We need to go beyond the idea that decency, ethics and moral uprightness are possessed by people of a particular religion or indeed by people of any religion, for I would suggest that the measure of righteousness is not defined by which religion you are part of but rather by your character, your honesty, your love of the truth and your love for others, and we must remember that the good far outnumber the bad, regardless of the religion, and we must all do as what is required to oppose the evils that beset us in unity.

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